CIRCuiTS cookie policy and tracking information.


Cookies are text files, which identify a user's computer to our server. Cookies in themselves do not identify the individual user, just the computer used. The CIRCuiTS website uses essential cookies necessary to the correct and efficient functioning of the website. The cookie is used to track a user’s session so that the site can log information about completed tasks so that the user can follow the programme as intended and their designated therapist can track their progress through the programme.

CIRCuiTS does not use marketing cookies. This means that your browsing information is not used for advertising or commercial purposes and cookies are not shared with other websites.

Google Analytics:

Recently Google Analytics tracking has been added to CIRCuiTS to help us monitor site usage for the purpose of understanding how the website is used and to collect essential information for the purpose of improving CIRCuiTS. The tracking is only enabled on the pages which are accessible without logging in. This does not include storage of an individual's personal data. CIRCuiTS policy is to retain this information for a period of 10 years to effectively monitor programme usage and impact.

The Google Analytics tracking is disabled for any pages after logging in and therefore, your personal information and activity data will not be tracked and collected while you are using the CIRCuiTS site within your account.

You can reject non-essential cookies such as Google Analytics in the Cookie/tracking consent popup and still use the CIRCuiTS programme. General information on controlling cookies or rejecting cookies is available from

Data security and confidentiality are a priority for CIRCuiTS:

CIRCuiTS is set to log you out automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity however we also recommend:

  • logging out whenever you have finished working
  • keeping your username and passcode in a secure place